Manifest Love

“The only thing that we really have to work at in this life is how to manifest love.” – George Harrison

“Manifest Love”. I wish everyone would live by those words. Stop the judging, stop the hate, stop holding grudges and stop trying to make others pasts their future. People make mistakes. That is what makes us human. We learn from them, we seek forgiveness ( from God, others and ourselves), and we move on. Instead of condemning each other, and pushing each other down, why don’t we lift each other up? When did we become so interested in each others lives, where we knowingly try to hurt one another? Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too. Especially in the past decade where we can go onto social media, and hide behind a keyboard. Is it really healthy for you to obsess over someone else’s business? Why do we feel we thrive on each others faults? When did we decide that we have the right to judge each others sins? When did we as humans, become so obsessed with ourselves, that instead of supporting one anothers accomplishments, the green eyed monster in us comes out, and we try to bring each other down?

I see it happening all of the time. On the news, in social media, and in my own life.

And we are all guilty of it, in some way. Whether we gossip, or assume. Whether we bash people on the internet, or condemn another person because of a poor decision they may have made in their past.

Why can’t we just Manifest love? Love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Love them, regardless of their religion, race, political views or sexual orientation. Love them without judgment. Focus on our own lives, instead of being so concerned at how others are living theirs. Love and embrace each others differences! We are all different, and with that being said, we all have our own opinions. But just because we do not agree with the way someone lives their life, it doesn’t mean that we cannot care for them and love them! And I really mean love them. I do not mean putting on a façade and telling them we love them, while secretly rallying the troops to stand against them. That is not love.

So, I challenge you and myself as well. Next time you feel the need to hurt another person, reflect on your own life first. Remember your past. Remember things you may have done that others may have judged you for. Remember the things you’ve done that you would never want others to know about. Remember the Golden Rule.

And just love.


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