Take What You Need

At the beginning of August, I posted a 30 day photo challenge on Instagram. All posts were hash tagged #lifeat30something, so they could be grouped together. It was cool seeing different aspects of peoples lives, and their creativity.


Instagram post

One post stood out to me above all others. It was day #10, and the topic was “handwriting”. One lifeat30something Instagram follower, Mandy Nelson took a piece of paper, and wrote at the top “Take what you need”. On the bottom were strips of paper that people could rip off and take with them. The words written on these strips were words like, “strength”, “happiness”, “courage”, “peace”, etc.


On day #15, the paper looked like this:


It is incredible how something so simple could help brighten another person’s day. At some point in our lives, we all feel like we need things like forgiveness, hope, healing and love.

Great job, Mandy! Thank you for your participation ( She hasn’t missed a single category), and most of all thank you for spreading love!


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