Open Your Eyes To Lash Extensions

I always wondered how make up commercials made models eyelashes look so long and voluminous. When I would buy whichever mascara they were advertising my eyelashes would look clumped together, and nothing like the perfect lashes shown on the pictures.

Then one day my friend told me about her lash extensions and how much she loved them. I always thought that lash extensions were way out of my price range and there was no way I’d ever get them. They seemed like something only celebrities got. My friend surprised me with a gift card to Lash Beauty Bar, and I finally used it last week! I thought it would be a great time to use it and boost my confidence a little since I’m still trying to lose my pregnancy weight

So what do I think?

They are definitely worth the hype! I got the signature set, which costs $99 and includes anywhere from 100-150 lashes per eye, depending on how many natural lashes you have.

So after filling out paperwork, you lay on a comfy bed-like table and close your eyes. The esthetician then puts a pad under your eye to keep your top lashes from mixing in with your bottom lashes. I found the pad to be uncomfortable, it felt too close to my eye. I also forgot my contact case so I had to leave them in which I think added to the discomfort. It wasn’t unbearable though.

It took her about an hour and a half to do both eyes. I was nervous as to how it was going to look when finished.

When I opened my eyes, and she gave me a mirror, I was in shock. I LOVED them! I have pretty long eyelashes to begin with, but now they are very long, thick and dark. I love not having to wear mascara or curl my eyelashes in the morning. They last about 2-3 weeks depending on eyelash growth and they are way lighter than the falsies you put on at home. Fill ins cost less than a full set so when you need a touch up, it is cheaper as long as you don’t wait longer than 3 weeks. ( This may vary among salons.)

I do have some tips:

-If the pad bothers you while you are getting them put on, ask the esthetician to move it down a little bit. The bottom half of my eyes were red for two days afterward and I’m pretty sure it was because the pad was irritating my eye.

-If you want to save time at night, don’t wear eyeliner on your top lids while you have extensions on. It is hard to get off without rubbing your eyelashes. The extensions are so beautiful anyway, you won’t need eyeliner! The one day I did wear eyeliner, I felt like it took away from the beauty of my lashes.

-Stay away from oils, they can dissolve the adhesive and the extensions will come off.

-Prepare your heart to break a little every time you find an extension on your cheek, finger, etc ( you notice when you lose eyelashes easier because they are so long, dark and thick).

-Assuming you have no allergies to the glue, or irritation, prepare to want to continue to get fill ins every 2-3 weeks because you will most likely be in love!

And if lash extensions aren’t for you, this mascara in the next best thing! It is a one step, no clump mascara and I love it!


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