Hello! Welcome to my life at 30 something! My name is Paige Martinek. I am a wife, mom, step mom, and writer who loves to travel and see new things! I also love makeup and basically anything that has to do with fashion, or beauty. I spend way too much time watching make up videos on YouTube!

A little bit about me – I have a B.A in Communications,  specializing in broadcasting and journalism. I had dreams of becoming a news or morning show radio producer and moving out of state, but my path changed when I fell in love with a man, who has his roots set here, in Michigan.

That man is now my husband, and when I married him, I officially became a step mom to his two wonderful sons, Nick and Will. I never knew how much love I had to give, until those boys came into my life.

My husband and I struggled to conceive a child together until May 2017, when I became pregnant with our son, Jack through IVF.

Struggling with infertility was tough, but it gave me a cause to be passionate about. I love sharing our story with others, and being there to support other women who are going through similar situations.

We welcomed our first son together in January 2018, and he shares a birthday with his oldest brother.

Surprise…when he was 4 months old, we learned that we were expecting another miracle- naturally. The boys baby sister, Maisie was born in late December 2018, making her and Jack Irish Twins!

Now we are just navigating life with a preteen, a 9 year old, and 2 under 2.


For collaborations, questions or comments, please contact me below!



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