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The Best Steak Marinade ( and it’s easy to make)!

Steak has always been one of my favorite meals, but I had no clue how amazing it could be until I started dating my husband. The first time he made me steak, I was a little nervous because I had never had it without it being doused in A1. But his home made marinade is… Continue reading The Best Steak Marinade ( and it’s easy to make)!


Strawberry Peach Mojitos

I love mint and I love anything peach flavored. So what better way to enjoy a refreshing, delicious adult beverage on a hot summer day than to kick back and sip on a strawberry peach mojito! ( They are amazing without the alcohol as well!) The recipe below makes one serving. 2 oz of Bacardi… Continue reading Strawberry Peach Mojitos