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Finding My Lost Faith During Infertility

  There is a John Lennon quote that says “Everything will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, it is not the end.” If you would have asked me a year ago if I believed in that, I would have said “no”. My husband and I struggled to conceive for a while.…… Continue reading Finding My Lost Faith During Infertility


5 Things You Can Do To Beat The Winter Blues

Every year around this time, I find myself daydreaming of weekends spent at the beach, and mornings where I don’t have to freeze my butt off while driving to work, because I forgot to warm up my car. The snow is dirty, the weather is dreary and sometimes it is so cold, that the air…… Continue reading 5 Things You Can Do To Beat The Winter Blues


5 Things I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

With my 30th birthday next month ( I know this site is titled “Life At 30 Something” so yes I’ve been living a lie the past year), I have been reflecting often on the past ten years and all of the experiences I have had from going from a single girl in college, living with…… Continue reading 5 Things I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self


Black Bean Chicken Tacos

We all have busy schedules. Between working 9-5, helping our kids with their homework, and afterschool activities, the last thing we want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen preparing dinner. The recipe below is a quick solution to those busy days, when you still want a home cooked meal! What you will…… Continue reading Black Bean Chicken Tacos

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Product Review- R+F Foaming Sunless Tan

The sun is setting sooner, the days are getting cooler, and our sun kissed skin is starting to fade. Fall is upon us. While I love fall jackets, knee high boots, and scarves, I do find myself missing my summer glow. This year, I have a solution. Sunless tanner. I have tried many different kinds…… Continue reading Product Review- R+F Foaming Sunless Tan


Defining Happily Ever After

  As a child, like many little girls, I was brought up watching Disney movies, and loved Disney Princesses. Life was going to be great. When I got older, I would marry my Prince Charming, who would be absolutely flawless, and we would live happily every after. Once high school came along, romantic comedies taught…… Continue reading Defining Happily Ever After


10 Country Songs I Can’t Get Out Of My Head

I have been listening to country music my whole adult life. I  truly cannot get enough of it. I love mainstream artists, like Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw, but lately I have been trying to listen to songs that are not over played on country radio. There are only so many times you can hear…… Continue reading 10 Country Songs I Can’t Get Out Of My Head


Take What You Need

At the beginning of August, I posted a 30 day photo challenge on Instagram. All posts were hash tagged #lifeat30something, so they could be grouped together. It was cool seeing different aspects of peoples lives, and their creativity. Instagram post  One post stood out to me above all others. It was day #10, and the…… Continue reading Take What You Need

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Boho-Betty Bracelets

Recently, I was asked to check out these cute, chic bracelets, by Boho-Betty. I love them! They have so many different styles and colors, there is one for every occasion. They even have a collection called “Great Lakes”, and being born and raised in Michigan, I thought that was pretty awesome (although, they’re missing Lake Huron)! If you…… Continue reading Boho-Betty Bracelets

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A Little Mascara Never Hurts!

My all time favorite beauty product is mascara. I rarely leave home without it. I love how just a couple quick coats can really make my eyes pop! I’ve tried many different kinds over the years, and here are my top three favorite (in no specific order). Great Lash by Maybelline$4.09-The classic pink and green tube.…… Continue reading A Little Mascara Never Hurts!